Hello world!

Hello and welcome to all teachers who would like to join my blog. It will be very interesting to discuss, exchange ideas and learn new things about teaching!

11 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Congratulations and you have made us all of us very proud! We wish you nothing but the best in your personal and professional life and hope this blog will boom!!! I will be your first sponsor . Love and kisses, your big sister, Gina!

  2. Just make sure you have a specific time spam every time and stick to it not exceeding 20 minutes each time for any site. Inform them 5 minutes before their time is up so that they are not shocked or aggravated when it is time for them to leave the computer screen. I do that with my 4 – year – old daughter Maggie every day and because I have been consistent and accurate with the time she spends on the computer , she does not whine when it is time to end her computer acivity. It is very important to inform them why it is important not to spend too much time on the computer and that mommy or the teacher are responsible for choosing the site. If they know, they are very cooperative. Thank you.

  3. The Cbeebies website is free of charge but for a small amount of money, mothers and teachers can subscribe to Enchanted Learning and have endless printable downloads for educational activities and crafts. And this site covers a larger age group for children.

    1. Yes, that is another fantastic site for teachers, parents and learners! It has innumerable activities, flashcards, ready-made booklets and lots more. I am off to add it to my recommended websites! Thanks!

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