It Is Worth Taking a Look at This Blog!


  Ok, my turn. Here comes the list!

 Thank you to the people who tagged me in their blogs, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I give my heartfelt thanks to these great educators and I hope to meet all of you in person one day! (I have already started planning next year’s conference attendances. It will be great and I am looking forward to them.)

* Eva Buyuksimkesyan (

* Anita Kwiatkowska (

* Sheetal Makhan ( and

*Melania Paduraru ( whose blogs are simply amazing!

The ten blogs I chose to include here for different reasons are:

1. Ken Wilson ( What can I say about Ken? It was the first blog I ever started reading and the one that inspired me to begin my own. On Ken’s blog you can learn, laugh, travel, listen to his wonderful songs and … have a great time! Ken is a great writer and narrator.

2. Jeremy Harmer ( About Jeremy? Great posts, with topics that are so original you think “Wow! How did he think of writing about that?” and it shows from all the great discussions that go on his blog.

3. Keith Ferrell ( I am so lucky to have discovered Keith when I first started tweeting. Keith is a tech integration specialist in Singapore and the reason I admire him so much is that his website includes not only great websites, recommendations and carefully chosen videos and topics in general, but he is very much interested in internet safety for children, which he has a special page on his blog about.

4.  Mark Andrews ( Mark Andrews’s blog is simply amazing! It is like reading a literary book, history book and methodology book altogether – I have told him this, that every time I read his blog I feel like I am in university again! (A very happy period for me – I love learning!) Mark has an amazing gift to tie everything together in his own way; honestly, I wish I could write that way.

5. Marisa Constantinides ( I will start by saying that I feel very lucky to have discovered this wonderful lady this year (to be in contact I mean, I knew her name since when I lived in Greece), but feel so unlucky to have never met her in person while in Greece. On Marisa’s blog you can read wonderful posts about various topics which are so important in ELT (I will never forget the one she wrote about companions.) Her great work is reflected in her blog and her Greek one as well. Marisa, thank you so much and…see you in Athens!

6. Sean Banville ( I came across Sean’s blog at a very important time in my life, when I was going through a very hard period: one of his blog posts were about something I could relate to, moving to another country and all the difficulties that came with it. I admire Sean for everything he has written and for all the hard work he puts into his blog and websites, giving us ELT teachers ready-made material to use FOR FREE. Much obliged Sean and may you have every success with your great websites!

7. Arjana Blazic  (  This is definitely Arjana’s year! She is a multi-awarded teacher (and so is her school!) and she is also Glogster EDU Ambassador. Arjana’s devotion to teaching shows through her entire blog: her ideas are amazing and her enthusiasm contagious!

8. Anna Pires and her wonderful students from International House, Braga, Portugal ( I have very recently discovered this blog, but I am amazed at the excellent work the students and their teachers put in and the love of books going on in this blog! My warmest congratulations to Anna Pires (whom I greatly admire as a person and educator), the teachers and the students who write beautiful things about books they have read!

9. Barbara Hoskins-Sakamoto ( Barbara has created this great blog in which she and may other educators around the world write posts about any topic under the sun of education. You can find a wide variety of topics and Barbara’s blog is a collection of wonderful pieces to read!

10. Jamie Keddie ( One of my favourite blogs from day one! Jamie just keeps coming up with ideas of how to use images in the classroom. This blog is PACKED with ideas and I have used several of them. It is one of those blogs that you just keep on recommending to others! Thank you so much, Jamie!

Thank you to all of the aforementioned bloggers – those who tagged me and those included in the list – and thank you to all of those who I did not manage to mention here. A million thanks for helping me learn every day!

13 thoughts on “It Is Worth Taking a Look at This Blog!

  1. Dear Vicky,
    Thank you so much for including my blog in this wonderful list. I’m greatly honoured to be part of it. Thank you for your kind words. You’re such a great friend and I hope we’ll meet one day (soon:)

    1. Hi Arjana!
      Thank you so much for your great blog and your kind words!
      I truly hope to meet you one day too…you are one of the educators I truly admire and I wish you the very best!
      See you soon!
      Kindest regards,

  2. A very nice selection, Vicky, and I really like all the blogs you selected here. I really like your explanations and notes about each as well – very helpful for other ELT blog surfers out there!


    – Jason

    1. Welcome Jason!
      Thank you very much for commenting and reading, glad you liked the way I wrote about the blogs!
      You are also among those educators I would like to meet in person…it would be great!
      Thank you very much Jason,

  3. I am so honoured that you’ve included my students’ book blog in your list. This has been such a fun project & I was so surprised to discover how much teenagers actually do read. Long live books! My students are going to be so pleased & proud to discover that they’ve been included in your list. Thank you so much for that! And thank you for the lovely comments you’ve been leaving on the blog. My students consider you as a friend!


    1. Hi Anna!
      Thank you and your students so much for the great books they read and the wonderful posts they write afterwards for us to read!
      It is fantastic work and congratulations to all of you.
      Thank you and your students for considering me as a friend, it is truly my honour…and you are all my friends as well!
      Thank you so much again Anna and my warmest regards and congratulations to your wonderful students.
      Kindest regards,

  4. Vicky, you are such an enthusiastic member of this amorphous and yet incredibly strong community of like-minded souls in tweet and blog-world and your generosity of spirit cones across in your descriptions of these blogs.

    1. Ken, thank you so much for your kind words, for everything!
      You are one of my favourite ELT people and I admire your work so much.
      I really hope we meet in person!
      Thank you so much,

  5. Thanks, Vicky, for including me in your list of blogs–I’m certainly in great company here!

    I’m thrilled that I’ve gotten to know you a bit through our online connections, grateful that you were willing to contribute a guest post to “the Village” and excited to see what you do next!

    1. Hi Barbara!
      You are so very welcome – and thank you for inviting us all to your blog, which is a great idea! We can read your posts, which are always great and so helpful and other educators’ from anywhere we can imagine in the world!
      I was very happy when you were voted Website of the Month, your work is great.
      Kindest regards,

  6. Hi Vicky,

    Reading this makes me realise, as Ken says, what a strong community of people we are sharing ideas and contributing to educating, most young people but not only, and making classrooms more interesting and enjoyable places.

    Ever since I got involved in English Language Teaching nearly 30 years ago, when working at a university in the German Democratic Republic, I’ve been trying to link ELT to literature, history and culture in the widest sense.

    As language teachers we have so many opportunities to open up people’s eyes to the world, the language class being a place where, provided we teach reading, writing, listening and speaking and develop vocabulary, our canvas is relatively free.

    I’ve learned from and been inspired by nearly all the blogs you mention here, as well as your own and long may that continue.

    We are at such an interesting moment regarding blogging and it’s great to be a part of it. Thanks ever so much for including me in your list Vicky!

    1. Hi Mark!
      What an honour to have you on my blog! Thank you for reading and commenting.

      I am always very happy to read your blog and your tweets -even in 140 characters you manage to express yourself so nicely!

      You are one of those ELT educators I truly admire – for your passion about teaching and learning, for your excellent blog which I learn a great deal from, for everything!

      I will be very happy and lucky to meet you in person some day!

      Thank you and kindest regards,

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