Many thanks to Shelly Terrell, who continues to inspire us and to Russell Stannard, who introduced Vocaroo as a recording tool at TESOL France. If you haven’t, you should also visit Russell’s amazing and award-winning website !

Everyone can have problems. Try to leave them behind when you step into class. (

Educators are humans too and our profession has a lot of happy moments, but can be stressful at times as well, be it because we have to grade, mark, prepare, or we are not feeling physically well, or have some kind of personal problem.

Leave it behind – it is not good to carry it into the classroom. It is not good for the students first of all, for you, the educator, or for the lesson.

Whenever I have a problem, I feel much better once I step into the classroom and see my students – when I come out again, the problem might still be there, but then I can see it with different eyes…or even find the solution more easily! And the important thing is to stop doing what stresses you at the time you feel it is pressuring. Talk to someone on Skype, chat on Twitter and Facebook with a person you love or appreciate or listen to some music. Then you can get back to what you were doing in a different mood.

I tried to do my post as an audio recording this time. I hope you enjoy it!

Leave It Behind – by Vicky Loras

I feel better when I see my students (my kiddos make me smile - and so do my adults!)