A person I have really enjoyed connecting with on Twitter is Dave Dodgson, an educator who lives and teaches in Turkey. I like Dave’s enthusiasm and teaching and he is on my educators I definitely want to meet list!

During the Virtual Round Table 2011 Conference, Dave made a presentation about making a blog into a word cloud, in order to reflect on it – which I found a super idea (and so did many others!). Here is a screenshot of my blog as word cloud:

Vicky's blog as a word cloud

 I was very happy to see the word students as the central one – I believe it is all for them and I am happy for them when they try, when I try hard for them and we have great results. One of my mottos is It is all for the students!

I was also glad to see words like learn, classroom standing out : learning not only for the students, but learning for the educators as well. That is the beauty of our profession – we learn daily and that is so beneficial, both for us and for our students. Classroom – the place where all the good stuff happens!

A big big thank you to Dave for this challenge, which he calls mini, but I call huge and super! You can read about Dave’s and other word clouds on Dave’s blog, if you click on this link: http://david-dodgson.blogspot.com/2011/03/every-blog-has-silver-lining-mini.html