Vicky’s Blog as a Word Cloud – Dave Dodgson’s Challenge

A person I have really enjoyed connecting with on Twitter is Dave Dodgson, an educator who lives and teaches in Turkey. I like Dave’s enthusiasm and teaching and he is on my educators I definitely want to meet list!

During the Virtual Round Table 2011 Conference, Dave made a presentation about making a blog into a word cloud, in order to reflect on it – which I found a super idea (and so did many others!). Here is a screenshot of my blog as word cloud:

Vicky's blog as a word cloud

 I was very happy to see the word students as the central one – I believe it is all for them and I am happy for them when they try, when I try hard for them and we have great results. One of my mottos is It is all for the students!

I was also glad to see words like learn, classroom standing out : learning not only for the students, but learning for the educators as well. That is the beauty of our profession – we learn daily and that is so beneficial, both for us and for our students. Classroom – the place where all the good stuff happens!

A big big thank you to Dave for this challenge, which he calls mini, but I call huge and super! You can read about Dave’s and other word clouds on Dave’s blog, if you click on this link:

11 thoughts on “Vicky’s Blog as a Word Cloud – Dave Dodgson’s Challenge

  1. Hello Vicky!

    I like your blog in a word cloud! Have you noticed that your name appears among the words? That’s fantastic! And the word “great” can be seen and that shows you’ve got great ideas to share. “Multiculturalism” also stands out and that’s a constant in your profession and life too! Definitely, Dave’s challenge has been mostly successful for reflection and analysis.

    1. Hi Marisa!

      A million thanks for your comment!

      Yes, it was really nice how the word cloud turned out. I had not noticed the word “great” and thanks for pointing it out (and for your lovely words!). My name came out too, yes : )

      Comments like yours are so motivating for me, to continue teaching and writing andtrying to becomebetter!

      Hugs sis! Vicky

  2. Thanks Vicky for joining the challenge and for this great reflection! The challenge has indeed gone beyond being a ‘mini’ one, hasn’t it?

    Your also on my must-meet list. Hopefully our paths will cross at some future event – IATEFL or ISTEK 2012 perhaps?

    1. Hi Dave!

      Thank you for the great idea for this challenge : ) It is so great, we can all reflect on the ideas we have written about, write more on them or check out ideas from other educators and be inspired!

      Thank you so much again, Vicky

    2. For next year, I will try to make it to both conferences! By the way, we have a great one here in September and the next…how about visiting our neck of the woods? ; )

    1. Hi Naomi!

      Thank you so much for your kind words – thanks to Dave, this was such a great idea! I am very curious to see what next year’s cloud will look like as well : )

      Thank you, Vicky

  3. Can you imagine if you did this and the biggest words on your Wordle ended up “me”, “teacher” and “boring” or something completely off topic? I wonder if we’d post the Wordles in that case? LOL

    1. Ha ha Tyson!

      I laughed so much – can you imagine? (Good thing my tweets haven’t been wordled – then it would be “super”, “amazing” and “chocolate”, ha ha!!!)

      Dave had such a great idea, helped me think about lots of things : )

      Thanks again Tyson, Vicky

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