Number Seven – Play and Have Fun! – The 30 Goals Challenge

Let’s play!

Kids just love playing, wherever they are. Why not use it to facilitate their learning?

There are loads of educational toys and games on the market, but even simple things can help them learn. There are some educators who are hesitant to incorporate play into their daily lessons, as they may think it is not really learning or may be wary of the parents’ or caregivers’ reactions – playing? In class? We pay you to teach them, not play with them!

Play and have loads of fun! (Image taken from

Well, for starters you can inform the parents and caregivers of what you are doing and invite them into one of your classes so they can see how much the children are learning, without even knowing sometimes. I have tried that out and have had positive responses. (Try to include and inform the parents of everything you do in class.)

In addition, play can help unlock some of the children who may be a bit shy. Help them join in, or take on a persona behind which they can become braver and open up: have them play with puppets or dress up with different kinds of clothes and put on an improvised show. You will see how much more they will be talking, as they feel it is not them who is directly speaking, but the character! I tried it once with a super-shy little boy, who would sit there, take part in the games and fun but never speak, either to me or the other children. He would simply smile and that is the only way I knew he liked the lessons, but I wanted to hear him and see how much he had absorbed. Now he is one of the bravest in class and even comes to our lessons with new ideas we can try out!

Even adult students like a bit of fun every now and then. They like learning through card games, or role-playing (where they can bring out their humorous selves as well!). That is a bit of playing too!

Indoors, outdoors, with cards, toys, games, without anything – just using your bodies – play and have fun!

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