Number Nine – Make a Global Connection – The 30 Goals Challenge

So…have you ever wondered what is happening in a classroom in another country? In a country far from you, or near you, but cannot easily visit? I have a heard a lot of instances where teachers have connected to classrooms in countries they could not easily have the chance to visit if they wanted to. And it is super easy! What you need is a computer with an internet connection (and permission from your school administration)! If you do not have it, there are many other ways as well.

Connect your classroom to the whole world! (Image taken from
  • Social media. If you are on Twitter or Facebook, or something similar, it is already a step in the right direction. I never thought I could make so many connections with teachers from all over the world, when I first joined Twitter. So if you are connected on any type of social media, there are surely educators out there who would love to connect to your classroom, through:
  • Skype. It is free and it is super! Your students will love seeing the people at the other end of the webcam – it gives more immediacy.
  • Wikis and blogs. Invite other teachers and their students to write articles on your wiki or blog (which are also for free). Plan projects together. Some educators I appreciate and admire have made these global connections. You can read about Naomi Epstein’s global project on her blog Visualising Ideas and all the super things she does with her students! Arjana Blazic is another star teacher in Croatia, whose blog Traveloteacher is full of these projects! I have just one link from her many here for you to read. Eva Buyuksimkesyan and Alex Francisco, based in Istanbul and Portugal have made such a fantastic collaboration between their classes on their wiki! Shelly Terrell, the person behind the 30 Goals Challenge, has a blog and wikis with a multitude of such projects – you can literally spend hours reading about her work with kids.
  • Good old-fashioned mail. Younger children really enjoy writing letters, notes, making drawings, taking pictures and sending them to other schools around the world – and receiving them, of course! Receiving real objects from other children around the world excites them and love seeing how other schools in the world work, how life is and so on.

Have you got any other ideas? I am sure you do! Feel free to add them.


14 thoughts on “Number Nine – Make a Global Connection – The 30 Goals Challenge

  1. I spoke about this in my IATEFL talk. My dream is that English teachers will join MyEC with their students. There are so many challenges and activities that students and teachers can do together on MyEC. As it stands now, must of the members are disconnected learners who long for a safe community to practise English in. I’m so happy that more and more teachers like you are joining.

    1. Hi Tara!

      Thank you so much for your comment.

      I wish I had been at IATEFL to attend your talk – it sounds so interesting and MyEC is a fantastic place for teachers and their students to collaborate and learn alongside others everywhere in the world. Congratulations on your fantastic work there!

      And also thank you for including the link to the site. I highly recommend it to all educators out there!

      Many thanks again and all the best,

  2. Hey Vicky-

    Been awhile since I’ve to your blog, and I think my excuse is you’ve provided for a connection— social media and there just being too much out there these days… forget about the bud’s blogs 🙂

    I was lucky enough to catch Tara in action at the symposium and it rocked, not only because what she’s doing is pretty cool (and Vicky I think u and I are friends on MyEC, right!) but also because it was great to uncover all the years of experience and wisdom Tara has to share…. and also cuz Tara’s an awesome person and seeing her rock professionally live in front of an audience of hundreds was wondyful.

    Catchya later alligator, b

    1. look at all those early AM inattentions in the first sentence alone!

      “been awhile since I’ve BEEN… my excuse is THE SAME ONE…”

      coffee, anyone? 🙂

      1. Ha ha – no worries, Brad! It happens to everyone. And there ya go, makin’ me laugh again! Thank you so much!

        I’d like a cup please… : )

        Thank you so much, Vicky

    2. Hi Brad!

      No worries and thank you for visiting the blog again – we seem to be talking so much on Twitter, which is equally super!

      I really really wish I had seen Tara at IATEFL – thank you for writing about her. Her passion reflects in her tweets and in all the work she does on MyEC (yup! We’re friends there bud!) and very often I think what great doors have opened for all educators to “meet” others, see the work they are doing and realise that the teaching profession is not such a lonely one after all. We have created a great circle of educators who work together, and managed to become friends with some, which is great!

      I hope to meet you very soon Brad! I am very happy to have connected with you online and thank you for everything you do.

      Have a great day,

    1. Hi Naomi!

      A pleasure – thank you for all the great work you do!

      That is a fantastic resource you have shared – I will definitely check it out and it will be great for all educators with young learners. Thank you for posting it.

      Kindest regards,

  3. Φέτος το χρησιμοποιήσαμε κι εμείς το skype και θα το ξανακάνουμε! Επικοινωνήσαμε με συμμαθητές μας στην Αιδηψό και, σε λίγο, θα πάρουμε συνέντευξη από τον Παραμυθά μας! 🙂 Μαγικό; ΝΑΙ! 🙂

    1. Teleia Marilia!

      Mou aresoun poly ola osa kaneis me ta paidia sou! Kali sinexeia kai pollous xairetismous se ola ta paidakia! (Les na kanw Skype me tin taksi sou kapoia mera? Ti les?)

      Filakia polla! Vicky

    1. Ha ha!

      Theleis na tous diavasw kamia istoria sta Ellinika, na tous milisw gia ta sxoleia edw h theleis na tous milisw sta Agglika?

      Filakia, Vicky

  4. Βίκυ, χθες έπεσε μια ιδέα, μήπως συμμετέχω σε συνέδριο, του χρόνου, με θέμα το skype και τη συνεργασία τάξεων. Θα ήταν ευχής έργον να συνεργαζόμαστε! Αν έχεις κάτι υπόψη σου και αν θες να πειραματιστούμε σε αυτό τον e-τομέα, στη διάθεσή σου! Και για να μην καταχρώμαι το χώρο σου, το mail μου μπορείς να το βρεις απ’ το μπλογκ μου και θα χαρώ να τα πούμε και κατ’ ιδίαν!

    Σε φιλώ πολύ

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