Interview with Aki Puustinen, Finnish Educator and Principal

It is a great honour for me to host an interview with Aki Puustinen, Finnish educator and principal at Muurame Upper Secondary School in Muurame, Finland.

Aki is also CEO of Team Company, a company he runs with fellow Finnish educator Timo Ilomaki.

You can read Aki’s blog at .

Kiitos for this great and informative interview, Aki!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

4 thoughts on “Interview with Aki Puustinen, Finnish Educator and Principal

    1. Dear Aki,

      Thank you so much for this interview. We learned a lot about you as a person, leader and about your wonderful school and the Finnish educational system. I really enjoyed it and hope to talk to you again soon!

      Many thanks and kindest regards,

  1. An interesting interview – I haven’t ever heard from a Finnish educator before, though I should take a look at the RSCON session for sure. Unfortunately, there were some audio issues for me with the video (echoes and delays), so it was a little distracting.

    1. Hi Tyson!

      Thanks for watching and commenting – yes, unfortunately there were a few tech glitches, but I think I know how to handle them next time! : ) The good thing is that we can hear all the great things Aki has to say about his school and education.

      Thanks again, Tyson!

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