TESOL France 30th Colloquium – Day Three (#TESOLFr)

And after two fantastic days of learning and connecting, the third day arrived which was equally super! There was only one difference though…we were all feeling sad at the end of it, because we would have to end a great conference and say goodbye to very good friends.

Willy Cardoso

The third day started off with a session by Willy Cardoso, Classroom Management – Who’s (Really) in Charge? It was the first time I had attended a talk by Willy. I am a big fan of his blog, Authentic Teaching – if you have not read his posts, I would highly recommend them!

I absolutely loved Willy’s talk. He shared his personal experiences in class with his students in London – Willy told us of how he gave his students ownership of the lessons. They felt comfortable enough to ask him to do something particular they liked in the next lesson and it worked – Willy had the greatest of lessons with them! They were still learning. He also spoke of seating arrangements that he changes all the time according to what he wants to do with students in class. I wish I could have seen one of Willy’s lessons!

Simon Greenall

After that, I had the privilege of attending the talk of a person I have admired for years for his work, and have had the good luck of meeting personally – and is a fantastic person as well – Simon Greenall! Simon talked about a subject very close to my heart, that of culture and diversity, which I have mentioned many times in the past as an integral part of my teaching. In his talk Mind the Gap: Designing Materials and Activities for Intercultural Training, Simon spoke to us about how he has integrated culture in his books and materials – the sensitivity we should have towards people of various cultures in our teaching, in order to pass this on to our students and show them that these cultural differences are important, in order to bring tolerance in our classes.

Arjana Blazič

Another one of my favourite people on Twitter was up next – Arjana Blazič and her workshop Testing, testing, 1 , 2, 3! Arjana is a multi-awarded educator from Croatia with two blogs: her own and one she has organised with her IT specialist at school to help students in their Matura exams.

Arjana, who integrates technology extensively in her classes, introduced us to a multitude of web tools in order to help our students with quizzes and online testing. The great thing was that on these websites teachers and students can be very flexible and create quizzes of their own. Arjana did a great job of pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of these web tools, which ones we could use free of charge and which we have paid versions of. You can see her presentation and all the slides including all the web tools on her blog.

Geoff Tranter

The conference closed with a fantastic plenary by Geoff Tranter, called That’s a Funny way to Learn a Language! Geoff has an amazing sense of humour (which he also showed us during the Open Mic night the evening before) and demonstrated how we can use it in class effectively – he showed us funny acronyms, riddles, funny signs and newspaper headlines we can use in our classes! I liked what Geoff said at one point: If your students are making humorous remarks in a foreign language, you have come a long way with them. I really enjoyed this closing plenary, as it was full of tips and also quite different.

After the conference, the BESIG weekly workshop, with Helen Strong this time, was broadcast in the amphitheatre – some watched it, some of us had to leave Paris unfortunately, and a great conference and very good friends behind.

As a closing treat to these three posts about the respective days of the TESOL France conference, I have some photos for you! I hope you enjoy them.

The Thevenin Amphitheatre filling up
With Sue Lyon-Jones and Sue Annan
With Ania Musielak
With Brad Patterson
With James Taylor
With Arjana Blazic
With Anna Loseva, in front of her poster presentation
With Elizabeth Anne
With Isil Boy
Mike Harrison, James Taylor, Sandy Millin and Sue Lyon-Jones before Ania Musielak’s presentation
A restaurant full of tweeters!


17 thoughts on “TESOL France 30th Colloquium – Day Three (#TESOLFr)

    1. Hi Naomi!

      A pleasure – I am happy you liked the posts and that I took you on a small tour to TESOL France! Hope to see you there one day, it is a super event, an annual must as I call it : )

      Many thanks for all your support and wonderful comments,

  1. Thank you, dear Vicky! Reading your posts about the sessions that I couldn’t attend makes me feel as if I had been there myself.
    Hugs 🙂

    1. Hi Arjana!

      You are super – so happy to have met you! I am glad you liked the posts. I am also glad I attended your great session – I learned so many things and I loved your enthusiasm!

      Big hugs,

  2. Wonderful! And PLN are almost all here, thanks for the post, Vicky! Being here on your page with you and others – what a treat!!!=)

    I have to say I had to struggle with almost every choice I made about going to this or that presentation, now that YOU and so many people are blogging out their impressions and even workshop materials – it’s such a great thing!

    I’m pulling myself together for a blogpost, I feel such a desperate urge to write it, but I find it so hard to start writing..shame on me, really!

    Write more!=)

    Hugs from Msk,

    1. Hi Anna!

      It was so super to meet you! I am happy we have a picture together, you are such a wonderful person and I am glad we have met : ))) Hope to see you again soon!

      Big hugs,

    1. Hi Tyson!

      I am glad you like the photos – it was super to see old friends and meet new people as well! Can’t wait to see you too next year : ))))

      Thank you so much,

  3. I have much enjoyed reading your description about TESOLFrance – as if Iwould have been there – and seeing those nice pics of you and other great teachers.

    Thanks for sharing – as always! 😉


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