Happy Birthday dear blog...with chocolate cake, my favourite! (Image taken from lavenderbakery.wordpress.com)

Two years ago, on the 10th of December – after having started to read Ken Wilson‘s blog and then more and more blogs, I decided to start my own.

In the beginning, I thought – who is going to read it? What if they think what I write is silly? I started with my first piece and it all kind of flowed from there – it progressed and I started thinking about some topics, which developed into blog posts. Reading the old ones again, some I like and some I do not like at all! I believe writing my blog has improved my writing skills, my thinking process (because in the past it was completely stream of consciousness – not that now my thinking is boxed, but I organise it much better and it is not all over the place).

I have been very fortunate to have had great readers and comments – each and every one of them has made me think. And I thank all of the fantastic people who have commented for that.

I have also had amazing guest bloggers honour me with their posts – another big thank you to them!

This year I started my first blog challenge, What’s Your Story? which started on October 9th and is still running, thanks to all the people who are writing for it and reading it!

This year I started presenting again and published my talks on the blog – and I am really enjoying giving talks as an experience.

This year finds my blog nominated in two categories in the Edublog Awards – a big THANK YOU to everyone who put me there. I really appreciate it and it has boosted my motivation to keep writing even more.

So…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF US! The blog, me, you, everyone! A million thanks!