Educators Everywhere, Congratulations!

Congratulations to you all and thank you for everything you do! (Image taken from

These past two years, I have been connecting with educators everywhere in the world, either through Twitter, Nings, Wikis – you name it! I have learned and am still learning from them daily and I would like to say a big thank you for that. I have been so fortunate to meet some of you in person and I am sure I will be meeting lots of you in the future!

A few days ago my blog reached the fifth place in the finalists in the Edublog Awards, which was great news for me and a big thank you to everyone who nominated me, voted for me, supported me and the blog I have been writing for two years now. Lots of teachers were given awards in the Edublogs and lots are receiving recognition every day, either in awards ceremonies, their schools, conferences and meetings, from their students, the students’ parents, colleagues and employers.

Taking all this into consideration, I would like to congratulate each and everyone of you out there because everything you do daily is a great step, a great stone for the building of education.

A lot of you go to school sick, overworked, tired, sleepless in order to ensure your students a great education.

A lot of you skip lunch in order to teach your kids extra classes, or come home late for dinner because you were wrapping up things at school.

A lot of you are underpaid and have access to minimal resources, but you still manage to make a difference and offer your students everything you can, even if that means taking up second jobs or digging deep into your pockets to give your kids everything they need in school.

A lot of you have been through terrible storms in your lives, either in your personal life or in your health, but you still manage to pull through and be back for your kids.

With all my heart, congratulations! Keep doing what you are doing and think that it is worth every minute. I know and I understand, that sometimes it feels like an uphill road and everything is working against us. But take a minute to think how much you love this profession and everything that comes along with it – and hang in there because we all need you! You deserve a big pat on the back, handshake, hug – whatever you prefer!


10 thoughts on “Educators Everywhere, Congratulations!

  1. Thank you vicky for celebrating all educators when you are due honors yourself. Your outward focus is inspiring and it’s wonderful 2 be on this PLN journey alongside you. Best wishes for 2012 n a brotherly bisou ! -b

    1. I feel the same way about you, and so fortunate to have met you face to face : )

      You deserve super huge congratulations for everything you do – the latest of them, the Pay What You Want project on your apps you have developed with your company!

      Beeee zooo from me too,

    1. Tyson, thank you so much.

      I really appreciate it and wish you only the very best, for your career and life – congratulations and you deserve all the best!!!!

      Big big hugs,

  2. Vicky,

    Congratulations with your well-deserved fifth place and how typical of you to involve all educators in your thanks.
    I am so grateful I have met you (and your blog) in that big world of educators.
    Maybe it is because I am tired after these busy last few weeks of the term, maybe it is because I have not been feeling well lately or maybe it is just because I am an old, sentimental fool but reading this post deeply moved me.
    Thank you, thank YOU…..


    1. Dear Mieke,

      You always touch my heart with everything you write and thank you so much! Congratulations to you on the great work you have done and are still doing, on your new blog and on being a wonderful educator and person! I am sure we will be talking for hours once we meet….Thank you so much! (And you’re not old!!!)

      Hugs from Switzerland,

  3. Dearest Vicky,
    Would just like to second the words so elequently put by those who wrote before me. Thank YOU Vicky!
    I hope those beautiful mountains in Switzerland are sending Echoes of the famous VICKY WHOOP back at YOU!

    1. Thank you so so much Naomi! You are one of those people who have been a great inspiration for me, and thank you so much! It will be such a whoop moment when we meet face-to-face, I can’t wait and hope it happens soon!

      All the best to you,

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