#iTDi and #TeachMeet – Professional Development At Its Very Best

Yesterday was a super day – professional development at its best, educators’ paradise!

In the morning, the International Teachers Development Institute, known as iTDi, had organised a great set of webinars, co-ordinated by presenters none other than the super Shelly Terrell and Steven Herder. Speakers included Chuck Sandy, Luke Meddings, Scott Thornbury, Jonh Fanselow and Marcos Benevides. Great speakers, fantastic educators and people we could all listen to, free of charge, from the comfort of our own homes or workplaces. It is amazing and I still wonder at what technology has helped us all do!

After the iTDi webinar, followed TeachMeet International, another webinar organised and co-ordinated by a fantastic educator in Croatia, Arjana Blazic and a super one in Belgium I hope to meet in the future, Bart Verswijvel. Sonja Lusic-Radosevic, a colleague of Arjana’s (the two of them have created a fantastic website for Croatian students, Moja Matura) was the tech sepcialist and took great screenshots of all the speakers!

The great and original thing about TeachMeet was that each speaker had just three minutes to speak. We heard some fantastic people speaking and learned a lot. It was great for me, as I realised I can speak in three minutes (as I can be a big chatterbox! Ha ha!).

Both were fantastic experiences, full of energy and inspiration. It is great and all of us as educators are so fortunate to have these events going on.

Screenshot from TeachMeet (taken by Elinda Gjondedaj, English teacher from Greece)

So whenever you find out about something like this, be sure to let your colleagues know as well! Not all of them may join, but some have taken the plunge into social media, never looking back.

16 thoughts on “#iTDi and #TeachMeet – Professional Development At Its Very Best

  1. Lovely summary and I absolutely agree – hats off to all organisers and presenters – it was amazing to be at my computer on Saturday and feel like there was no other place I could rather be – so much inspiration in such condensed form from amazing fellow ELT folk .

    It felt like having a conference right in my living-room. It’s very hard not to be looking forward to the next event 😉

    1. Hi Marijana!

      Thanks for the comment – I loved your presentation! And a million thanks for staying up until 2 a.m. with your husband to help me with my tech issues!

      A big big hvala,

  2. Did you speak just for 3 minutes? Really? I blinked my eye and you were gone! 😉 Impossible! I think you must have put on a recorder 🙂

    1. Ha ha ha!!!! You should have heard me laugh, Chiew! I found it unbelievable that I stopped after three minutes, too : )

      You were awesome, guardian angel!

      Big hugs,

  3. Dear Vicky,
    it’s two days later I still feel this tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm- and I want to do it again, and again, and again 🙂 So many wonderful ideas and so much inspiration in just one day! Amazing!

    1. Hi Arjana!

      It was super – I feel the same way! Yay! Let’s do it again soon! Thank you so much for organising it and for helping it run so well.


  4. I have to say that the events of the day just won’t vanish from my memory, that was a very powerful day for my fragile nerve system, with sooo many great speakers and excitement that kept growing and growing during the day and then collapsed))
    The day of the days!
    Thanks to you Vicky for being around!!!


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