A Super Year!

I hope this has been a great year for all of you!

2011 has been for the main part a great year for me – I would like to say thank you to all of you for making it so special! I have felt so inspired this year, be it from working with great people and students, participating in conferences, online chats on Twitter (such as ELTChat and finnedchat) with amazing educators from around the world from whom I have learnt and who have challenged my thinking, interviewing some and being interviewed as well, meeting some for the first time and seeing old friends, writing blog posts, taking part in fantastic projects like the iTDi project!

May 2012 be great as well, full of health and happiness for all of us.Β 

I wish everybody Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! All the best!

12 thoughts on “A Super Year!

  1. Dear Carol,

    Thank you so much! Happy Holidays and a Happy New year to you, health and happiness! May 2012 be the year when we finally meet face-to-face.

    Warmest wishes,

  2. Dear Vicky,
    May your new year be filled with peace, love, joy, wonderful projects and a lot of fab conferences πŸ™‚
    All the best

    1. Hi Arjana!

      Thank you so much, all the best to you too! May you always be happy and healthy and full of inspiration for all of us. TeachMeet International was a fantastic experience and thank you so much for that.

      Big hugs and warmest wishes,

  3. I love your animoto slideshow πŸ™‚
    It was great to meet you in person this year and I’m really looking forward to another special Vicky hug in January!
    Have a great hold and an incredibly fruitful and happy 2012 x

    1. Hi Ceri!

      Thank you so much! I was also very happy to meet you and attend your talk : ) A big thank you for the wonderful interview you gave us for ELTChat, it is always great to hear you!

      I hope I can make it in January and then there will be lots of hugs!

      Happy Holidays and all the best,

  4. It has been a fun year – just when you think it’ll be the same old as the year before, when you look back, you see how much of a journey it’s been professionally. Hugs to you and to a continued growth for 2012.

    1. Hi Tyson!

      Thanks so much, hugs to you too and my best wishes for 2012! It’s been such a fun year! I hope I don’t sound like a broken record, but last year was one of the mo9st difficult ones in my life perhaps for many reasons, so 2011 was completely different, uplifting and I hope 2012 is super – for all of us!

      Happy Holidays, Tyson!

  5. VIcky,
    What a great idea for the animoto greeting! I enjoy your blog and Tweets so much! Best of luck in 2012 – may you encounter even more success in 2012!
    Happy Holidays

  6. How wonderful, Vicky!!
    The animoto is fantastic! The year has been fantastic!
    I wish your new year, 2012, bring something really special into your life!!
    Happy happy happy new year!!!!
    Big hugs!!!

    1. Hi Anna!!!

      Thank you so much, I am very happy you liked it : ) I remembered I had an account from Timo Ilomaki from Finland, who had made a super animoto the week before – so happy he reminded me! I’ll be using this tool more often, it is easy, super quick and really nice : )

      Thank you so much for your wishes! I hope 2012 brings you only the very best!

      Big hugs and warm wishes for 2012,

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