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Ascending – A Poem read by Mieke Kenis (@mkofab)

Routes Into The Sky (Photo taken from http://www.highton-ridley.co.uk)

Here is another of my poems, one I wrote for my sister Gina when I was 20 years old – and once again I am honoured to have the wonderful Mieke Kenis read it and give life to it with her beautiful voice. Thank you so much again, Mieke!

Ascending – Read by Mieke Kenis


8 thoughts on “Ascending – A Poem read by Mieke Kenis (@mkofab)”

    1. Haha, Naomi. I wanted that part of my past to stay a secret đŸ™‚
      Some amateur dabbling, indeed, when I was 35 years younger….

      The reader is just an instrument. The credit goes entirely to the poem and its author.
      But thanks for your kind words. I really enjoyed reading it. It’s probably that what you can hear..


    2. Thank you Naomi!

      Mieke took it and made it a beautiful thing to hear : ) Mieke, you played a huge role in the final result and thank you so much for that! Wow, acting : ) Perhaps another blog post on your blog? ; )

      Thank you,

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