Monday Morning Inspiration – My Post for Brad Patterson’s (@brad5patterson) Blog Challenge

Some books from my collection

A few weeks ago, Brad Patterson, a fantastic person and educator located in France, and a person I am honoured to call a friend, posted a blog challenge on his blog A Journée in Language – Brad asked us to say which quote defines our teaching style. In the comments section, there is a huge number of amazing and inspiring quotes! I mentioned one that I (still) cannot remember who said it or if it was exactly said that way: A good teacher is always a learner.

I was going to write about that one. This morning though, as I was getting ready for class, drinking my coffee and checking out Twitter, I found this by Chris McCullough in Red Deer, Alberta:

The best part of my job is that it has inspired me to always be a learner… #teaching #abed

It hit me! This is it! A short, beautiful sentence that sums it all up so perfectly. Lots of us wake up so inspired every morning to go to work, which is so inspiring and motivating, it cannot even be called work. On a daily basis we all strive to do our best…and learn.

  • From social media: numerous are the posts and articles that mention Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to name but a few media that have greatly assisted educators worldwide to connect and learn from each other. It is unbelievable to see how many collaborations have begun, posts been written, conferences organised and educators connected face-to-face thanks to social media.
  • From books (paper, electronic or audio): a lot of educators continue reading about education wherever they are. Commuting on a train has become a joy for me as I can find lots of time to read – and I learn a great deal in the process!
  • Studies: Many decide to continue their studies and go on to Masters or PhDs, or do further courses  to enrich their knowledge and benefit their students as well.
  • Mentoring: Educators learn daily from other educators with rich experience and advice which can help them in their profession.
  • Conferences and workshops: A great number give up their weekends and free time in general (and great amounts of money, very often from their own budget) to attend conferences and workshops, very often far away from home and their families. It is another great way to learn and network with interesting people.

So, keep up the good work of learning every day! You are doing something great for yourself, as a aperson and educator, and your students can only see benefits from it.

A big thank you to Chris McCullough for his fantastic tweet-quote that made my day and my teaching career! You can visit Chris’s blog The Pocket Rocket to read some very inspiring posts.

A big thank you to Brad Patterson for an inspiring blog challenge, that collected a great number of great quotes from all over the world.

12 thoughts on “Monday Morning Inspiration – My Post for Brad Patterson’s (@brad5patterson) Blog Challenge

  1. Yeah! Wahoo! and of course “whoop whoop”. There really is so much space for learning and reflection within our international online community, and honestly that gives me that much more confidence to ‘experiment’ and try new things in class… to learn even more as a teacher as I stretch my comfort limits.

    Thanks for inspiring us all, Vicky!!!

    1. Whoop whoop!

      A huge yay and hooray for you, for posting the blog challenge about quotes – that was a super way to start the year! I can’t wait to see what else you will be doing in class and on your blog : ) Thank you also so very much!

      Go go Brad!

  2. I believe we-the-learning-teachers are the best example ever for our students!) or I’d love to see it this way anyway)
    There’s a question: don’t we get nerdy at times?
    There’s the answer: if you want to be a professional in whatever field this can be, there’s no other way to achieve success but to be the true nerd of it (and enjoy it all;))) it’s not my own idea, but it seems right to me!

    Thanks for the post, Vicky!!
    Big hugs,

  3. What a nice post to read after a long day at school!
    We wouldn’t be here tweeting and blogging with you about education if we didn’t agree with you 100 percent!
    Give youself a really really big Whoop – I can’t do it like you do!

    1. Hi Naomi!

      Thank you so much – I get all my strength and motivation from all of you and it’s great for all of us to be on this awesome ride, I wholeheartedly agree : )

      You’re a super whooper yourself, I’m sure!


  4. What a nice post to read after a long drive from a teacher training workshop! 🙂
    Agree with what Naomi and Ann said above and proud to be in the company of nerds like you.
    I just got back home and my dinner is getting cold and I am here checking out your new post – seems like my thirst for knowledge is greater than my hunger. Thank you for inspiring us, Vicky and Brad.

    1. Hi Leo!

      Thanks so much for reading, commenting and delaying your dinner in the process! ; ) It has been great to connect with you – hope to see you soon : )

      Bon appetit! (Btw, what’s for dinner?)

      Thanks so much,

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