Gypsy – A Poem Read by Brad Patterson (@brad5patterson)

Brad Patterson, originally from the US and located in France, is a fantastic person I have the honour to call a friend and a great educator. Brad writes a blog where he shares a lot of his love for etymology and writes about many topics which make us all think.Brad and his company Edulang have started a great initiative called Pay What You Want. Definitely worth looking at and contributing to!

I am very fortunate to have Brad read this poem, which I wrote when I was 20 years old. He has rendered it so beautifully…but enough from me – over to Brad! Thank you so so much!

Gypsy – Read by Brad Patterson

27 thoughts on “Gypsy – A Poem Read by Brad Patterson (@brad5patterson)

  1. Hello Vicky,

    How nice to start the week with another one of your poems.
    If the listener just wants to give that 20 year old a big hug and tell her everything will be all right, I guess the poem did what good poems do. We empathise, we sympathise and think: how beautiful, even if the tone is so sad…
    Well, that’s how it works for me:-)
    We read with an inner voice, our own voice, but to hear someone else read something aloud always gives it that little bit extra for me. As a lover of voices, I loved Brad’s reading very much!
    Thank you both for sharing. I hope there will be more in the future…..


    1. Dear Mieke,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment on the poem. That girl feels so happy and fortunate to know all of you and be doing something she really loves! Thank you for giving her a hug!

      Brad really took it to another level. I absolutely love how he went through it, word for word and if he likes, he can read more in the future *wink wink Brad* ; )

      Thank you for everything, Mieke! For reading my poems with your beautiful voice, for all the encouragement and support!

      Big hugs,

  2. Hey Vicky,

    Thank you so much for honoring me with this request. It really shook up a part of me I’ve rarely entertained. Tough poem. Painful… almost injust in some ways… not wanting to feel something and yet needing to feel it. TORN. Each second, each lift, drop, pause, all the colors of a voice, they all give a very precise feeling to what it sounds like… and yet the beautiful part is that it sounds one way to me, and another way to someone else (tying in with Chia’s webinar yesterday on international communication).

    Mieke did such a great job with the last poem, I was inspired to really dig in and do my best 😉 Merci 4 the kind words, Mieke! and thanks for sharing my blog and Edulang’s new direction, Vicky. Cheers, Brad

    1. Dear Brad,

      Thank y o u so very much for giving it the tone you gave it, the emotion and rendering it so beautifully : ) The honour is mine for having you read something that I haven’t shown many people and now bring out into the open – and you give it such a beautiful rendition! Thank you, mille merci! Good luck and all the best in everything you do, with Edulang and your career and life!

      See you in June!

      Big hugs,

  3. Amazing.

    I was feeling like that poem today – that’s a very special talent Vicki & I can see why you asked Brad to narrate it – very sensitive and soulful rendition!!

  4. It also reminds me of a moment I had when I was twenty. I was standing on a bridge in Galway city, watching the river & it struck me that if I let my twenties flow by like the river, unremarkably and uneventfully, my youth would just slip by unnoticed. So I mentally crystallized that moment forever & promised myself that I’d stay forever young!!

    1. Wow – thank you so much for sharing that, Sylvie. Such an important moment that defined the rest of your life, to the better : )

      Thank you so much,

    1. Thank you very much Marián! I really appreciate your encouragement and support : ) I really liked this collaboration with Brad!

      There will be more throughout the year, so I’ll keep you posted : )

      A big thank you,

  5. So glad, Vicky, that you are letting those poems fly out of your drawer so that we can all enjoy them!
    I see that you have found another great reader – Brad does it well! You may have readers queing up for auditions soon!
    looking forward to the next one!

  6. That poem doesn’t make sense to me,but because I am small I guess I don’t know enough to understand it. 😦


    1. Hi Pyrros!

      Thank you so much for your comment : ) Don’t worry, in our next lesson we can talk about it, if you like! See you next Monday : )

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