A couple of days ago I read a post which had a great impact on me: The Best Medicine by Anne Hendler, an educator I have recently connected to on Twitter and whom I enjoy following very much! Anne teaches in South Korea and writes a great blog, where she shares her teaching and life experiences, as an expat teacher (which I completely empathize with, being an expat in Switzerland myself!). Anne asks, what makes us laugh?

As everyone, sometimes I get stressed about my teaching, or everyday things in general. A couple os years ago I went through a very stressful period – it is incredible how your mind starts looking for all the pleasant things out there to overcome the stress and despair you can feel. There are a lot of things that make me happy and laugh:

My family: Skyping with my dad, mom and sister can make my day in no time. It can even take two minutes talking to them and I just feel that lift instantly!

My niece and nephew, my sister’s children who also live in Switzerland. They do and say a lot of funny stuff, but lately they have taken to singing I Like To Move It from the children’s animated movie Madagascar. They march around the living room and jump around – I can’t describe how it makes me feel!

Being on Twitter: learning, reading and very often, laughing with some funny links or messages I am sent! I feel great when learning, or reading about something I find difficult and is solved in no time.

My students: regardless of their age, they always say or do something funny and we all have a lot of laughs – it creates a great atmosphere and our lessons just take off : )

Writing: either on my blog or good old-fashioned paper notebooks, there is something about writing that just drains away all the stress or negativity I may feel.

Books and bookshops: my second home! I love being there. Either going through my books at home, or at a bookstore, a huge smile appears on my face.

What makes you laugh? What helps you overcome difficult moments?

Thanks Anne for a great blog challenge!