Taking Up @AnneHendler’s Blog Challenge – My Laughing Diary


A couple of days ago I read a post which had a great impact on me: The Best Medicine by Anne Hendler, an educator I have recently connected to on Twitter and whom I enjoy following very much! Anne teaches in South Korea and writes a great blog, where she shares her teaching and life experiences, as an expat teacher (which I completely empathize with, being an expat in Switzerland myself!). Anne asks, what makes us laugh?

As everyone, sometimes I get stressed about my teaching, or everyday things in general. A couple os years ago I went through a very stressful period – it is incredible how your mind starts looking for all the pleasant things out there to overcome the stress and despair you can feel. There are a lot of things that make me happy and laugh:

My family: Skyping with my dad, mom and sister can make my day in no time. It can even take two minutes talking to them and I just feel that lift instantly!

My niece and nephew, my sister’s children who also live in Switzerland. They do and say a lot of funny stuff, but lately they have taken to singing I Like To Move It from the children’s animated movie Madagascar. They march around the living room and jump around – I can’t describe how it makes me feel!

Being on Twitter: learning, reading and very often, laughing with some funny links or messages I am sent! I feel great when learning, or reading about something I find difficult and is solved in no time.

My students: regardless of their age, they always say or do something funny and we all have a lot of laughs – it creates a great atmosphere and our lessons just take off : )

Writing: either on my blog or good old-fashioned paper notebooks, there is something about writing that just drains away all the stress or negativity I may feel.

Books and bookshops: my second home! I love being there. Either going through my books at home, or at a bookstore, a huge smile appears on my face.

What makes you laugh? What helps you overcome difficult moments?

Thanks Anne for a great blog challenge!

14 thoughts on “Taking Up @AnneHendler’s Blog Challenge – My Laughing Diary

  1. Great post, Vicky!!! Thanks for sharing Ann’s challenge. I share most of your laughing sources. Sharing time with my nieces is really hilarious for me. Teaching has always transported me and I have a great time with my students. I’d add films to your list, there are some comedies that are really funny.

    1. Hi Naomi!

      Thank you so much for your comment – you’re right, there is a bit of confusion for me too…was thinking about things that make me whoop! Maybe that should have been the title ; )

      I wish you happiness always as well!


      1. Hi Mike!

        Thanks for reading and commenting : ) I really wonder why I didn’t mention chocolate or cake…when Chiew said it, I really headsmacked myself!

        Thanks for being one of the people I learn from – and laugh with : ) You have a great sense of humour and hope to meet you face-to-face one day!

  2. Wow. Vicky! Thank you so much for sharing the challenge and for posting about it! It’s a real delight to read what makes you smile and the comments as well. I love the way you express yourself. Thanks for making ME smile today. It really is the best medicine.

  3. Are these things that make you laugh or generally make you happy? 🙂 Because I don’t see how writing would make me laugh…
    I’d better head off to Anne’s blog now – thanks for the recommendation.

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