Back To…The Future

Back to the future (Image taken from

Last week and the week before I was in Greece, visiting my family and friends after quite a while, almost a year and a half. It was a great holiday! One of my goals was to see some, if not all of my former students from The Loras English Academy (which is quite impossible in two weeks’ time).

I keep in touch with some of them, mainly via Skype, so I know what they are doing – they share their news with me but some I had not seen in quite a while. One day while I was there, I was standing on a street corner waiting for my sisters to pick me up and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and it was none other than B., whom I had taught since he was eight years old and who was my inspiration for my talk at the 2011 ETAS AGM and Convention. Only this time, he was much taller than me and in university! I am so proud of him.

I saw more kids (most of them now adolescents or young adults) and it was so great to see them all grown up, full of dreams – in a country that is now in a difficult situation (and that I hope it will get out of). We had a lot of “Do you remember the time when…?” moments combined with their future and what they want to do.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell them how proud I am of them and what they have achieved so far, what they will be achieving in the future and that seeing their eyes full of enthusiasm, dreams and hopes, made me a very happy person and educator!

12 thoughts on “Back To…The Future

      1. Hi Vicky! I need to you for teach english. please help me. and I’m in Turkey and I don’t know how you’ll help me in here 😦

  1. That is great, Vicky. I know how precious “these eyes full of enthusiasm” are. Each time an ex-student of mine contacts me either on facebook or face-to-face and we have this kind of moments I know how lucky I am to be working with kids and young adults. Our job is magic! And I’m sure you’ll have plenty of this kind of moments in the future because you are a great teacher and your students will always want to thank you for this.

    1. Hi Sophia!

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences – it is wonderful that you keep in touch with them : ) These moments are worth every single one!

      Best wishes to you and your students,

  2. I guess in a way, our students (or at least some of them) become a bit like our children, don’t they? Am so happy you had the chance to revisit with some of them, Vicky! And I agree with Naomi, about that having probably “recharged” your batteries!

    1. Right on, Ceci! We are a bit like parents to them – I hadn’t seen a few in quite a while and it was so moving to see them so grown up, so full of hope…I love each and every one of them!

      Thanks so much,

  3. I always wonder what it’d be like to run into a student I’d taught more than a decade ago. it’s never happened, but I often think it should considering the kids I taught when I first went to Korea would not be coming to university here.

    1. Hi Tyson!

      It is an amazing and unbelievable feeling – you just look at them, they have changed so much, they remember even details of things you thought they wouldn’t…really great! Have you been to Korea again though ever since you left?

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