Our Poster Post with Maggie!

During the holidays, I spend a lot of time with my sister and her two children, Maggie (seven years old) and Nicholas (three).

Maggie’s vegetable poster

Maggie and I love doing activities together: writing, sticking, cutting, creating…so one day, during our Christmas holidays, we were talking about healthy eating and we decided to put our learning into pictures, make our learning visible – so we made posters, one with vegetables and one with fruit! Just using simple things, old newspapers and magazines from where we could cut out pictures, scissors and big pieces of cardboard for the background – we had so much fun learning and creating. Maggie was so excited about it!

Maggie’s Poster with Fruit

We looked through magazines and newspapers to find pictures, cut them out and paste them onto coloured paper. Maggie also wrote the names of the fruit and vegetables, learning some that she had not heard of, like starfruit which we also saw at the supermarket a few days later.

We also had two great people cheering us on throughout the way: Mieke Kenis from Belgium and Ann Loseva from Moscow to whom we tweeted pictures of our posters! Ann made beautiful posters with her two sweet nieces, Olya and Polina!

The poster with animals we started after fruit and vegetables – Maggie wants to be a vet when she grows up!

5 thoughts on “Our Poster Post with Maggie!

  1. I definitely remember that day! It was so nice to connect on Twitter, follow the process, and finally see the great result! I wish every child had an auntie like you, Vicky!
    Well done, Maggie!

    If I ever have grandchildren;-)…..


    1. Hi Mieke!

      Thank you so much for your comment and accompanying us through our project! Maggie also says thank you : )

      It was a simple idea – we were talking about healthy eating and we spontaneously got the idea of getting old magazines and newspapers and finding pictures to stick on colourfaul pieces of cardboard.

      It was interesting to see that she did not know the names of some of the fruit and vegetables, even though English is her first language, because she had never tried them before (she is a child with a healthy appetite, but eats only things she is used to ; ) and how open she was to learning them and trying them. She found the starfruit quite amusing : )

      I wish with all my heart that one day you do have grandchildren – my mom and dad are thrilled!

      Big hugs,

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