My Favourite Posts for 2012 – A Response to @yearinthelifeof’s Challenge

Best of 2012 (Photo from
Best of 2012 (Photo from

Adam Simpson, aka @yearinthelifeof on Twitter, teaches English at Sabancı University, on the outskirts of beautiful Istanbul. He has a great blog called Teach Them English. He has recently invited all blogging educators to pick out twelve of their favourite posts for 2012 and share them.

I will choose three I like – for my three years of blogging : )

1. Using Advertising in the Business English Classroom I wrote this after a great class we had with one of my groups. My students made it into one of the best ever! They really took ownership of their learning and showed the whole class commercials they liked and made the best mini-presentations ever! Next year I will incorporate it with other groups as well, not only Business English ones.

2. Back to … the Future I have mentioned many times how much we loved The Loras English Academy, the school we had in Greece and how connected we were and still are with a lot of our students – we see them when we go back to Greece, we talk on Skype, via messages, I have connected to most of them via Facebook and Twitter…I wrote this post after I went to Greece in July and saw lots of our kids. How much they have grown, how many dreams they have…we love each and every one of you!

3. IATEFL BESIG Summer Symposium 2012 – Word of the Week and Other Ideas for Business English (Updated) This is a write-up of a presentation I did in June. It includes ideas I use in my Business English classes. Allow me to be very proud of a card my students wrote and is super – and of a particular photo in this post, with a person I have admired tremendously since university 🙂


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