Celebratory Comeback


These days have been full of happiness and lots of positive emotions – we have finally made our dream come true, or perhaps continue, or both! On February 1st, 2013 we celebrated the launch of The Loras English Network, the new venture my sister Eugenia and I have made.

We are extremely happy, as expected, for many reasons:

– It is a continuation of The Loras English Academy, the school we had in Greece, but there are some very pleasant additions to our project, apart from English lessons: a new logo and website, a Facebook page, teacher training and children’s events!

– Eugenia is very happy to be teaching again, after a pause of three years since her son was born. She was doing (and still is) a great job helping her daughter adjust to all the changes after moving to Switzerland and raising her baby son.

– We have called it a Network, because that is exactly what it is – as we are connected to all of you amazing educators around the globe!

A million thanks to you all, with all our heart, for all the support you have shown us the past week and all the lovely comments and wishes!

14 thoughts on “Celebratory Comeback

  1. It’s absolutely amazing what you girls are doing! I find your projects inspiring and motivating and as I have already said – eager to attend the first workshop you will be hosting 😉
    My fingers are crossed and I wish you success and happiness!

    1. Dear Sirja,

      Eugenia and I thank you so so much – we would so love to meet you!! We were talking about it again today. Please come and visit us in Zug and we will also try to come to your place.

      Big hugs!

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