Goal 1: Define Your Moment #30goalsedu

Shelly Sanchez Terrell has posted the brand new, fourth cycle of her 30 Goals Challenge! 30 inspiring goals, to remind us of what we are doing well, what we need to restart, improve on, start doing for the first time…here is Goal Number One – Define Your Moment!

I would like to dedicate this post to the amazing Rose Bard, an educator from Brazil, who is an inspiration to myself and many others! Rose and I discuss our edu-moments on Skype almost every Sunday. She is the kind of person who is the definition of this goal. She is living her moment! A million thanks to you, Rose!

Those of the readers that know me face-to-face or from our connection on social media know that this year has been pivotal in my teaching career, as I have made my dream of re-opening a school reality. In a different country: Greece before for ten years, now Switzerland. English teaching in the previous one, that and teacher training, as well as events for children and teachers in the new one. My sister Eugenia and I said let’s do this and we did! With difficulties, but the daily satisfaction of doing things we love and the way we love doing them, as well as collaborating with amaizng students and teachers worldwide, makes up for any hardhsip and gives us strength and motivation to keep going.

This is our moment that we wish to share with educators everywhere:

– Do you have a dream? Go out there and grab it, start it and don’t be afraid!

– Are you stuck in a routine of teaching? Change it and talk to others about how they have changed theirs as well.

– No or very little financial resources to do things? There is a crisis looming almost everywhere in the world now and all governments are cautious. There are so many free resources online and so many educators we can be inspired by, that no crisis and no problematic government can take away our strength and motivation to give our students our very best.

– Keep up developing professionally! Nothing else can give us the oxygen to keep our teaching going. Just think of how you feel when you leave a conference or workshop where you have learnt a great deal and interacted with other educators.

– Do something new. Eugenia and I are planning our very first international event on bilingualism and multilingualism this September, with great speakers and we are expecting lovely educators to join us! We are so happy and excited about this.

So, for all of us, wherever we are in the world, this is our moment – let’s go!

Let’s go

Make no excuses now

I’m talking here and now / I’m talking here and now

Let’s go

It’s not about what you’ve done

It’s about what you’re doing

It’s all about where you’re going / No matter where you’ve been

Let’s go!


12 thoughts on “Goal 1: Define Your Moment #30goalsedu

    1. Yay Adam!

      I am very happy you will be taking part in the 30 Goals Challenge! (She said, ignoring your grrr and knowing that you are definitely going to write! Ha ha!)

  1. Go girl go! You and Eugenia deserve all the best in all your endeavors. YOU Rock Vicky! I am so grateful for all you do for me. Beijos linda. 😉

    1. My dear Rose,

      I am so grateful we have connected – I get so much inspiration from you! Not only in our Sunday meetings, but from your posts and everything you say and write!

      I hope we meet some day!


  2. Dear Vicky,

    Your enthusiasm never ceases to amaze me. Thank you so much for this piece of contagious inspiration.

    I’ve also been meaning to congratulate you on the new adventure you’re on with your sister. It’s fun to see you take off. Another source of inspiration.

    Watch out world! The Loras sisters are here!

    Let’s go! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, Josette – both from myself and Eugenia!

      Like a lot of people who have been through difficulties, I suppose they are meant to make you stronger and help out other people as well. I wouldn’t have done anything today if it hadn’t been for family, amazing students and teachers worldwide, like you, with whom we are connected and are happy to learn with and from every day! And hang in there and share our happy and sad moments! I think Eugenia’s idea of calling our school a “Network” was the most appropriate – we are not alone in this, it is also all of you out there!

      A huge thank you!

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