4 years of blogging! (Image taken from http://blog.young-germany.de)
4 years of blogging! (Image taken from http://blog.young-germany.de)

I started this blog four years ago, after being motivated by the one and only Ken Wilson – these four years bring so many thoughts to my mind:

  • How reluctant I was to start it: back then I was thinking, who will read it – will anyone be interested?
    I don’t even have a job – what is this going to offer me? But I did start it, and I am happy I did so!
  • How much it helps me reflect. I read another educator’s post that inspires me and gives me insight into my own teaching, so I go ahead and write about it. Or when a class goes well, or even not so well, here is always where I turn to, so as to get my thoughts in order. I can see what went well or wrong, and then come up with ways of  what I could do better or what I could do again.
  • I should write only when I feel I have something to say. In the beginning, I felt that I was obliged to write often, or felt bad if it took me up to three months to write. Nothing comes out of it, if I write just to say that  have written something – instead, now that I write when I feel like it, it feels much more natural.
  • I love the fact that there are not only my own posts on the blog. I had seen it on Ken’s blog, and later on many others, that guest bloggers were invited to write – I did it too and it is great! I have read some amazing posts. So thanks to all my guest bloggers!
  • I love interviewing other educators. I see their stories, their experiences, and I learn from them. Thank you so much to them all!

Thank you to all of you who read the posts, share them on social media, comment and teach me!