When Education Comes From Enthusiasm – An Interview with Roseli Serra (@SerraRoseli)

Roseli Serra
Roseli Serra

I am absolutely delighted to have a new interview on my blog today – the first of the year, with a super enthusiastic, supportive and hard-working educator – and a very good friend: Roseli Serra!

Roseli and I connected three years ago, and I immediately was drawn to her enthusiasm about everything education. She is an educator, teacher trainer, materials developer, you name it – and blogs at Roseli Coffee Desk. Another love we share, that of good coffee. She is one of the people that you see on social media and your heart immediately fills up, as she always has something beautiful and positive to say!

I am very happy that this summer we will finally meet in person! Here’s Roseli in our interview.

And here is the book she mentions in the interview: Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much, by Anne Wilson Schaef

8 thoughts on “When Education Comes From Enthusiasm – An Interview with Roseli Serra (@SerraRoseli)

  1. Roseli is a very very special human being, she is a blessing and she is …Brazilian, nothing else to add! We Argentinians love la ¡alegría brasilera!, I don´t know how to express it in English, their happiness is contagious! Roseli´s happiness and enthusiasm, as you pointed dear Vicky, is totally contagious! So proud to read and get to watch both of you “live”! You both keep me busy girls!

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