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My main interest this year and since I started teaching in Switzerland is Business English. I teach in banks, companies and professionals in various sectors (real estate, insurance, pharmaceuticals).

I must say I really enjoy these classes and the new turn my teaching is taking, for the reason that I am also learning alongside them!

You can find some ideas on Business English classes in posts I have written on my blog. I have gathered them all on this page for easier finding.

  • Word of the Week – From My Adult Classes: This is my first attempt in presenting what I think turned out into a great idea with our classes – it even developed into the main topic of a workshop I gave later on in Zug, Switzerland!

15 thoughts on “BUSINESS ENGLISH

  1. Hi Vicky, Great to hear from you. Actually I provide Business English online course to mainly Japanese business persons here. If you have a chance, please take a look our program . The concept this program is to read Business English magazine or papers such as The Economist and The FT. The all production work is done by team in US. I made the account for you to login as follows. When you have a chance please take a look and I would appreciate it if you could give me your feedback or suggestion. Many thanks. Best Masashi
    Login Name: ideal08
    PWD: welcome

  2. Hi, Vicky! I’m a Business English teacher and I’ve been looking for great links to add to my resource. I like the use of advertisements because they are short videos but they have a powerful impact on my business students. It can be a venue for discussion about the ad’s messages.

    1. Hi Cynthia!

      Thanks for your comment – I think that the combination of audio and visual in advertisements, as well as the messages they hide or bring out, are truly a great source of discussion, as you mention : )

  3. Hi Vicky.

    Just started reading your blog. I’ve taught a few business classes and currently working with an automotive client in Uzbekistan. I hope to find some useful activities I can use from your blog. My most successful activities I’m logging on mine –


  4. Hi Vicky,
    Nice collection of links. I’ll have a closer look on them soon. However I mainly teach kids I have some private classes with the parents every now and then.
    Thanks for sharing!

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