Number Six – Invite Them In – The 30 Goals Challenge

Open up your classroom door - invite them in! (Image from

You are teaching children and the parents frequently ask you what you are doing in class this period and how their kids are doing.

You are teaching adults and your school administrator or other teachers are asking you how you are doing and what is happening in your class.

You can always tell them, or they can ask for feedback from the students themselves, but there are some other ways to let them know and to invite them in personally! And you can do this often.

  • If you have a blog or wiki, try to post your students’ work as often as you can. Post pictures of their learning, either the students in action or their projects. I try to publish ideas I have used in class and which I think work. Soon it will be a good idea for me to use their real work (after checking with them first!).
  • Invite your school administrator, or mentor, or other teachers, to sit in on one of your classes. It will be helpful for them to see what is going on, your teaching methods, how the students respond and the general learning atmosphere. Their feedback can be invaluable. They might notice positive or negative things about your teaching that you may never have even thought about.
  • Invite the parents and caregivers. If you have little ones, it is always nice to organise open days at school, where the parents or caregivers can come and see the children in action! I went to  my niece’s open day at kindergarten once and I saw the great atmosphere they have in class and I also got to see her wonderful teacher using great ideas with the kids.

So go ahead and open your classroom door, either literally or through technology! Share your learning with the people in your school or in your students’ family environment. They will appreciate it a great deal and you can use the feedback to see your teaching from a new perspective.