“What’s Your Story” Is Up and Running Again! – A Blog Challenge With a Human Touch

(Image taken from http://www.g-codemagazine.com
(Image taken from http://www.g-codemagazine.com)

The “What’s Your Story?” Blog Challenge is running again, thanks to all of you and your support! Some educators have offered to add their stories. If you want to as well, post your story (professional, personal, anything you think represents you) and:

1. Post on your blog and send me the link to add
2. If you do not have your own blog, I can post on mine.

I look forward to reading your stories!

Feel free to use #blogging #blogchallenge #education as your hashtags, or any other ones you prefer, when posting on social media!


I have started adding the new posts here:


34 thoughts on ““What’s Your Story” Is Up and Running Again! – A Blog Challenge With a Human Touch

    1. Thank you ever so much for contributing your story to the challenge, Priscila! What an honour to have you here. I admire you for your enthusiasm in anything you do, be it education, movies, music, your kids – everything!

    1. Hi Carissa!

      Thank you so much for adding your link here – I am adding it to the challenge, if that is okay with you : )

      Have a great New Year!

  1. Thank you for sponsoring this project, Vicky. It’s so interesting to read people’s “story” from all around the globe. It’s a testament to the reach that you enjoy. Perhaps a next step is to put them all into a Flipboard document so that we can enjoy the entire collection?

    Regardless, you’ve managed to get a collection of diverse and extremely interesting stories. You should feel good about what you’ve done.

    1. Hi Doug!

      Thank you ever so much for writing, supporting this project and for your wonderful comment! A Flipboard document is an awesome idea, thank you so much – I had not thought of it!

      I hope we meet up face-to-face some day : )

      Thanks so much,

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