The Ideal Classroom – My Post for Tyson Seburn’s (@seburnt) Blog Challenge

A snap of the chalkboard I used last week

A couple of days ago, Tyson Seburn wrote about his experiences in his teaching environment in his post What classroom is perfect?

I decided to take up his blog challenge – here it is!

When we had our school in Greece, we had 11 classrooms – not to blow our own horn, but in each classroom the teachers had all the equipment they needed. The school also had a computer lab and a room with an interactive whiteboard. Therefore, the equipment could be moved easily if needed, or the teachers and their students could easily be moved to the room they wanted to use, easily. We did this out of respect to our teachers and students, to make everyone feel comfortable and content to teach and learn.

When I moved here in Switzerland, I started teaching at various places until I could get enough work – in schools, companies, banks – you name it. Some places, had the works as far as equipment was concerned, some were okay in some I had to teach in my coat and gloves (yes, you read correctly). Thankfully, only a couple of places match the last description.

An example of an excellent teaching environment is the public college I started teaching at here last year, the Kaufmännisches Bildungszentrum Zug – the admin people, secretaries and teachers are amazing to work with and the classrooms…wow, the classrooms!

Whiteboards (three or four of them that you can shift on the walls)


Poster paper (huge rolls of them!)



….wait till you hear this…

3D projectors!!! I LOVE THEM!

A great place to teach – a place that respects its educators and students. Shouldn’t all schools be like this? Some aren’t, understandably due to their restricted budgets, some because the people who own them do not care.

Let’s hope we see lots of great working environments in this blog challenge set by Tyson!

18 thoughts on “The Ideal Classroom – My Post for Tyson Seburn’s (@seburnt) Blog Challenge

  1. Thanks for taking up the challenge, Vicky! I’d love to see more photos of these amazing classrooms you describe: 3D projects? What on earth are they?!? Did everyone wear 3D glasses in class? Was it some sort of futuristic hologram projections? Hahaha.

    1. Hi Tyson!

      Thanks so much for setting the blog challenge – it got me writing again and thinking about teaching environments. How important certain things are, basic things and some schools just don’t have them. Budget problems? Not wanting to spend? Let them carry their own stuff? I teach a lot of private lessons so I have to carry stuff like you. There at least I know that I need to take them with me. But in schools? It shouldn’t be so.

      About the 3D projectors – they are amazing! Colour images as well, may I add – for instance, if I stick my hand underneath, you see my actual hand! It is great if I want to show pictures. And very easy to use!

  2. i would like to say that many English language centres in Greece now are even better than what you describe…interactive boards, projectors and internet connection in every classroom!!! plus computer rooms, special rooms for performances and many more…
    As for teachers and programmes we could easily compare to the best schools in Europe!

    1. Dear Evaggelia,

      Many thanks for your comment : )

      I agree that many schools in Greece are great – perhaps I wasn’t clear…in Greece I only worked at ours and the ones I describe are here in Switzerland! The good ones, the cold ones….

      All experiences though: )

      Kindest regards,

  3. This is a lovely post Vicky! This “challenge” is very interesting! Could you make more of these posts?

    1. Hi Pyrros!

      I am so happy with your comment – I am so glad you liked the post! It was a post for another super teacher’s challenge, Tyson Seburn from Canada : )

      Best wishes,

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