The Disabled Access Friendly Campaign (@DAFCampaign) – Thank you!


I have decided to write this post as a huge thank you to the Disabled Access Friendly Campaign, started by the equally amazing Katie Quartano and Paul Shaw in Thessaloniki, Greece. It started in 2010, after an article in the Athens News was published under the title of A day in the life of a disabled person. The campaign was born as a Facebook page and at this very moment has 976 followers!

DAF has a great website full of free lesson materials, created by teachers all around the world – lesson plans and videos listed by level A1 to C2, according to the CEFR. They are designed to create awareness in the ELT classroom and outside of it. If you have any great ideas about lessons, share them with Katie and Paul!

A few days ago, they included me among their Ambassadors. I am deeply honoured and happy to be part of this great project! I will do my very best to help spread this great campaign. Other ambassadors are Hassan Ait Man, Julia Aliverti, Lindsay Clandfield, Jeffrey Doonan, Adir Ferreira, Ben Goldstein, Jamie Keddie, Sue Lyon-Jones, Gerard McLoughlin, Eleni Nikiforou, Waleed Nureldeen, Aleksandra Strahinic. 

The best news lately has been that the Disabled Access Friendly Campaign has won an ELTons award for Innovation in Teacher Resources. If you click on the link you can see a video of Katie and Paul’s red carpet interview (at 34:25 mins), the winning announcement and their acceptance speech (at 1:32:33).

Congratulations to everyone at DAF and thank you again so much for everything you do!

Watch this video The Wheelchair, from the Disabled Access Friendly YouTube channel, with David Gibson and Luke Prodromou:








7 thoughts on “The Disabled Access Friendly Campaign (@DAFCampaign) – Thank you!

  1. Congratulations, Vicky on becoming an Ambassador for the Disabled Access Friendly Campaign!

    People who read your blogpost might also be interested in contributing to the current set for #ELTpics which was recently set up to celebrate the success of the Disabled Access Friendly Campaign in gaining an ELTons award.

    ELTpics would love to support the Disabled Access Friendly Campaign and Katie & Paul look forward to seeing more images contributed. In this link you will find topics which could be explored and which images are required.

  2. Checked the facebook page out just now! Wonderful initiative! And a pleasant read too! Kudos to people initiating things like these!

  3. Vicki, I was introduced to you through and I love the passion that you display for students in education. I would love to follow all your blogs. I believe that continuing my education will allow me to grow as a person and as a teacher. What organizations do you suggest for new teachers to join to become more informed and involved?

    1. Hi Charisse!

      Thank you so much for being there, and for sharing all your insights and ideas in the chatbox! And many thanks for all your kind words.

      I would say it would be great to follow, and teacher associations, like TESOL France, BELTA Belgium and so many others. And on social media, you will always find great organisations to follow!

      Best wishes,

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