Number Fourteen – Build An Ideal Classroom Culture – The 30 Goals Challenge

An ideal classroom culture is achieved when everyone enjoys being there! (Picture from, taken by Adam Simpson, @yearinthelifeof)

The fourteenth goal is, in my opinion, a very strong foundation for the rest of the goals to materialise. An ideal classroom culture has been successfully created when:

– Students feel comfortable in their classroom and view it as a place where they love to learn.

– Educators and students co-operate and see each other as members of a great learning team.

– Parents and caregivers are welcome to come in and visit at times, in order to enjoy the great learning atmosphere.

– There is mutual respect and everyone is valued.

– Students do not leave immediately when the lesson is over, but enjoy staying at school and working on their school material or helping each other. (Sometimes they even stay after school to help the teacher tidy up the classroom, which is very nice and reflects the atmosphere of helping and co-operation!)

– Educators feel comfortable in their classrooms, love what is happening there, that they even go there on weekends or stay longer after school (as long as they don’t overdo it!).


7 thoughts on “Number Fourteen – Build An Ideal Classroom Culture – The 30 Goals Challenge

  1. The 5th point is a true test–often left in disappointment. It tends to be the students who would do it normally, from day one, that continue to do so. Or maybe my environments just aren’t that helpful. 😉

  2. I like that you mentioned students staying after as a measure to the effectiveness of a teacher’s attempts to create a class culture. It really is true, students who love to be in your room don’t leave. Once I learned how to do this, I couldn’t get kids to stop helping me clean up (or get them to go to their next period 🙂

    1. Hi Bret!

      Sorry for my very very late reply – I have no idea how this comment remained unanswered and I apologise! I love the description of your classroom, with the kids staying on after class! Wish I could see that as well : )

      Thanks so much for your comment,

  3. I agree that you measure class culture by student’s behavior, not their verbal descriptions. Teenagers, for example, may not think it ‘cool” to describe a certain class as a place where they feel respected and like to be, but their behavior will give us the clue!

    1. Hi Naomi!

      Many thanks for reading and commenting! You are absolutely right about students’ (especially teens’) behaviour being the reflection of how they feel about the lesson.

      Thanks so so much! Vicky

  4. You know when things are truly going well… people are knocking on the door to come in and use the room, neither you nor the students have realized that class should have finished fifteen minutes ago.

    Thanks for making good use of the pic, BTW. Hope my lesson lived up to this post (I think it did, as I recall).

    1. Hi Adam!

      Thanks so much for the picture and the comment – you just described a most beautiful classroom scene! I am positive it happens in your lessons as well : )

      Have a great weekend,

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